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Primal Pug PvE

Tame and battle hundreds of new dinos from Primal Fear and Pugnacia; Battle or ally the tribes of Primal Fear Human NPCs- all while surviving the new evolved diseases! If the 100X harvest rate doesn't give you enough resources, grow more in your base with Resource Crops!

Mod List

There are 2 very big mods on this server, and 16 mods in total. Subscribe to the mods at the link above so they can download before trying to connect to prevent additional timeouts.
  • Primal Fear
  • Pugnacia Dinos
  • Primal Fear Human NPC
  • Resource Crops
  • Automated ARK
  • Structures Plus
  • Behemoth Plus
  • Dino Storage V2
  • Uranus Skins Pack
  • Additional Emotes
  • Awesome Spyglass!
  • Awesome Teleporters!
  • ARK Diseases Evolved
  • Editable Server UI
  • Simple Spawners

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Server Settings

Player Level - 500
Wild Dino Level - 840
+200 Levels After Tame
100x Harvest
100x Taming
Third Person: Enabled
Map Location: Enabled
Gamma: Enabled
2x Slower Days
2x Faster Nights
75% Faster breeding cool-downs
100X Mating and Maturation
Extended build areas on platforms
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